Five Flags for July Fourth

Elaine and I have been enthralled by the birds and other wildlife here in Southwest Florida. One Fourth of July I was inspired to pay homage to the flag we love with birds we love. I call this “Flying the Flag.” It consists of three images I took at the J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge.


Note: I did not approach a wild eagle to get the image. It was on display for educational purposes.

I created the piece below to support efforts to restore the Iwo Jima Memorial in Cape Coral. This is a photo of the statue before repairs, superinposed on an image of a flag flying there.


Life may not be a bed of roses but this Flag of Roses is meant to honor the beauty of our nation’s ideals.


I saw this flag in the window of a falling down building in rural California. It spoke to me so I captured it.


And finally, a frangipani flag. Because why not.