Out Parked by a Pileated Woodpecker

We’ve all been through it. Find a parking space, all clear, all yours. Prepare to move in, and some wild guy rushes in ahead of you. But today, on Sanibel, some one rushed in right over me.  Landed right in front of my car. About three feet from my bumper.

Not wanting to trigger parking space rage, I stay in the car and document the offense through my windshield.  But not satisfied with the quality of my evidence..WPiliatedWindshield3 Pretty soon he becomes careless and flaunts his dominance.  I quietly put down my window to get a few mug shots through the small space between the car body and the driver’s mirror.

WPiliatedHairFire WPiliatedLClose WPiliatedRCute After a while he flies, but lands close enough for a shot of him going about his business as if nothing had happened. WPiliatedVIf you encounter this wild guy give him plenty of space. He could peck the heck out you.